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Welcome to The American University of Beirut Online Graduate Admission Application System

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Application Deadlines


Application DeadlineDecision Notification

Early Regular* Early Regular *
Spring '17-18    N/A       Nov. 3, '17  N/A    Dec 22, '17 
Summer '17-18 Feb 8, '18  Apr 4, '18  Apr 10, '18 May 10, '18
Fall '18-19 Feb 8, '18 Apr 4, '18 Apr 10, '18 May 30, '18

Have you read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?          

The following graduate programs are NOT offered during the Spring semester:

- MA in Anthropology

- MA in Clinical Psychology

- MA in Finance

- MA in Human Resources

- MA in Media Studies

- MA Transnational American Studies

- MS in Business Analytics

- MS in Nursing

- All Graduate programs under the Faculty of Medicine

- PhD in Epidemiology


Late PhD applications may be submitted after the regular deadline and up to one month before Fall classes begin (i.e. between April 2nd and July 28). AUB is not committed to reviewing applications received during this period. If reviewed, the final admission decision should be issued and notified to applicants within two weeks after the submission deadline. Otherwise, if not reviewed, the applications will be forwarded to the following semester that admits new students in the chosen program. Accepted candidates are given two weeks to accept, defer or decline admission and fellowship award.                        

Have you read our Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )?

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