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Welcome to The American University of Beirut Online Graduate Admission Application System

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Application Deadlines


 Application Deadline

Spring 2019-20

November 5, 2019 starting
Dec 20, 2019
Summer 2019-20 March 18, 2020 starting 
May 4, 2020
Fall 2020-21       
March 18, 2020 starting 
May 15, 2020

Have you read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?        

The following graduate programs do NOT admit new students in Spring terms:

- MA in Anthropology
- MA in Clinical Psychology
- MA in Finance
- MA in Human Resources
- MA in Media Studies
- MA in Public Policy and International Affairs
- MS in Business Analytics
- MS in Nursing
- All graduate programs offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences except MSES-Environmental Health
- All graduate programs offered by the Faculty of Medicine
- PhD in Arab and Middle Eastern History
- PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology
- PhD in Epidemiology
- PhD in Nursing Science

The following graduate programs are currently frozen:

-MA in Transnational American Studies
-MA and MS in Statistics 

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